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Provide quick and easy access to your Titan shed with these double doors.

The Trimetals Titan Double Door will provide you with quick and easy access into your Trimetals Garden Shed. The doors are PVC coated galvanized steel panels which are guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years (even in coastal locations) – the buildings are also maintenance free and fire resistant.

The double door features stainless steel hinges and a key operated locking handle operates a mechanism which bolt both top and base of the door.

  • Dimensions
  • Features
  • Treatment: Galvanised
  • Type: Double Doors
  • Materials
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: PVC coated steel and Steel

Trimetals Titan Double Door

Price: £59.99
SW134504 ~ 257302
6 - 8 Weeks
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