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Store your heavy duty garden equipment in your Titan shed on this 5ft workbench.

The sturdy and useful Trimetals 5ft (1.64m) Titan Workbench is built from galvanised steal and is designed to be a free standing unit in your shed. Use it for storing your heavy garden equipment or as a hard wearing surface to rest on whilst using power tools.

Recommended for the Titan 640 shed.

  • Dimensions
  • Width (m): 1.64
  • Depth (m): 0.39
  • Features
  • Treatment: Hot-Dipped Galvanised and Galvanised
  • Materials
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: Galvanised Steel and Steel

Trimetals 5ft (1.64m) Titan Workbench

Price: £74.99
SW134467 ~ 257266
6 - 8 Weeks
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