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Keep your belongings safe and your outdoor space free of clutter with the TGB Garden Tidy. This solid storage facility is made from robust shiplap timber cladding, and fitted with a sturdy lock to ensure that the contents are protected from potential thieves. The structure has a sloped pent roof for optimum drainage, creating a dry environment in which to store wooden or metal garden furniture that is at risk from rust or warping.

The perfect place to store valuable items such as bicycles, expensive tools, and gardening equipment; the TGB Garden Tidy is fitted with wide double doors to allow easy access for stowing large and bulky items. This compact and attractive timber store is ideal for small gardens, as well as a great option for providing additional storage for existing outbuildings such as stables, barns, or garages.

Please note: All dimensions sizes shown are nominal (before machining) unless otherwise stated.

  • Dimensions:
  • 6ft across, 2ft 6" deep
  • Height - to eaves at front (lowest point) 1610mm
  • Height - to eaves at rear (highest point) 1710mm
  • Dimensions
  • Size (ft): 6 x 2.6
  • Width (m): 1.83
  • Depth (cm): 79
  • Eaves Height (m): 1.61
  • Cladding (mm): 16
  • Door Opening Height (m): 1.46
  • Door Opening Width (m): 1.32
  • Ridge Height (m): 1.71
  • Frame Thickness Width (mm): 38
  • Frame Thickness Depth (mm): 50
  • Cladding thickness (mm): 16
  • Features
  • Type: Double Doors
  • Roof Style: Pent
  • Cladding Style: Shiplap
  • Cladding thickness (mm): 16
  • Pre-assembled Sides: Yes
  • Materials
  • Roof Covering Material: Standard Roof Felt
  • Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: Timber
  • Floor Material: Timber

TGB Garden Tidy

Price: £263.99
SW58017 ~ 128135
2 - 3 Weeks
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