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Keep your garden tools in excellent condition with the Storemore 10ft x 8ft (3.21m x 2.42m) Springdale Steel Shed, a high quality pre painted galvanised steel sheet shed. The hot-dipped galvanising gives it anti rust properties and makes it maintenance free. It also boasts ventilated gables to prevent condensation and damp.

This metal shed features a wide open door design so you can fit in the largest garden tools or lawnmower. These doors can also be pad lockable at the handles. Also featured is a strong threshold that will withstand the heaviest garden tools and lawnmowers. The recommended foundation base is either concrete or slab. So free up space in your home by storing anything surplus in this capacious metal shed.

  • Dimensions
  • Size (ft): 10 x 8
  • Width (m): 3.21
  • Depth (m): 2.42
  • Eaves Height (m): 1.65
  • Footprint Width (m): 3.12
  • Door Opening Height (m): 1.59
  • Door Opening Width (m): 1.1
  • Ridge Height (m): 2.02
  • Features
  • Installation: No
  • Warranty: 15 Year Non-perforation Guarantee
  • Treatment: Hot-Dipped Galvanised and Galvanised
  • Type: Double Doors
  • Features: Fixtures & Fittings Supplied
  • Roof Style: Apex
  • Materials
  • Roof Material: Metal
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: Steel

Storemore 10ft x 8ft (3.21m x 2.42m) Springdale Steel Shed

Price: £394.99
SW137954 ~ 264889
2 - 3 Weeks
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