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The Jim Vyse Arks 3ft x 6ft (0.91m x 1.83m) Mini Swiss Ark is the ideal space to keep up to 4 happy hens. With a long and high area in which to stretch and scratch and a cosy hen house in which to nest and nap, your beaked buddies will be secure, healthy and happy in their new home.

The inner hen house is removable for easy cleaning as are the doors to the run. The run is surrounded by strong galvanised welded mesh panels to ensure that the area is safe and free from predators. Both the house and run have perches on which chickens can rest or they can roost in the external nesting boxes.

About Jim Vyse Arks

Responsible for creating bespoke chicken and duck homes, Jim Vyse Arks is a small, specialist retailer based in the south of England.

  • Item: Hen house only
  • Dimensions: W 0.91m x D 1.83m x H 1.37m
  • 1 x external nesting box
  • 1 x galavanised mesh run
  • 1 x ramp
  • 1 x hinged nest box roof
  • Perches
  • Draft boards
  • Suitable for up to 4 chickens
  • Dimensions
  • Size (ft): 3 x 6
  • Width (m): 0.91
  • Depth (m): 1.83
  • Height (m): 1.37
  • Features
  • Treatment: Pressure Treated
  • Outdoor Features: Made In Britain
  • Roof Style: Apex
  • Cladding Style: Shiplap T & G
  • Materials
  • Roof Material: Wood
  • Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: FSC Timber
  • Metal Type: Wire

Jim Vyse Arks 3ft x 6ft (0.91m x 1.83m) Mini Swiss Ark

Price: £450.99
SW266903 ~ 547206
2 - 3 Weeks
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