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Explore the green fingered hobbyist in you with the Fawt 7ft x 10ft (2.13m x 3.04m) Solar V Greenhouse. Featuring one of the highest eave and ridge heights for any greenhouse and a nylon roller sliding door height of 6ft4, so no more stooping or banged heads!

The greenhouse has a strong folded aluminium frame for easy maintenance and a roof window and base vent as standard. The greenhouse is finished in a long lasting baked powder coat chosen for its durability and resistance to fading which can be erected on earth, gravel, paving or concrete. It includes aluminium gutters and downpipes. This greenhouse creates a controlled micro climate for growing your plants.

Slightly sloping sides allow better light transmission during colder months and give the range a distinctive look. The sloping sides create corner posts which incorporate a large amount of metal giving strength to the greenhouse where it needs it most. The frame is also fully braced and the Solar V greenhouses have survived many storms in and around Britain. Available in natural, green, brown, and white, the Solar V Greenhouse provides an ideal place to grow many types of plant throughout the year.

  • Dimensions
  • Size (ft): 7 x 10
  • Width (m): 2.13
  • Depth (m): 3.04
  • Eaves Height (m): 1.52
  • Glazing thickness (mm): 3
  • Features
  • Installation: No
  • Installation Available: No
  • Roof Style: Apex
  • Materials
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: Aluminium
  • Glazing Material: Horticultural glass

Fawt 7ft x 10ft (2.13m x 3.04m) Solar V Greenhouse

Price: £1499.99
SW61935 ~ 133898
4 - 6 Weeks
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